TedCrypto has taken significant steps to ensure the robustness of our systems. We've introduced dedicated sub-systems for each lotto operating on various blockchains. This strategic move is designed to provide a seamless and secure environment for all participants, ensuring the health and reliability of our lotto systems. To ensure transparency and clarity, we invite you to check the details below about ticket costs, and minimum prize amounts.

Akash ($AKT)

Bitsong ($BTSG)

Chihuahua ($HUAHUA)

Comdex ($CMDX) ($CRO)

Evmos ($EVMOS)

Jackal ($JKL)

Juno ($JUNO)

Kujira ($KUJI)

Mars Protocol ($MARS)

Migaloo ($WHALE)

Osmosis ($OSMO)

Planq ($PLQ)

Sentinel ($DVPN)


Teritori ($TORI)

These numbers are temporary, please check the App for updated numbers

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